Visvim: Combining old with the new

East meets West; a Japanese brand that fetishises decades of Americana. Old meets new; Native American moccasins manufactured with high-tech design specs. Visvim has always been a brand of composites binaries, the name itself is a portmanteau of the two Latin words for strength and speed. This is a concept demonstrated in their FBT Sneaker, a style that’s become Visvim’s footwear calling card. On one of the design dissertations founder Hiroki Nakamura has posted to his website he writes; “The basic concept was fairly simple: to keep the raw appearance of Native American moccasins, but with the added functionality of being wearable in the city.” The newest models introduce a vegetable-tanned suede sourced from Sweden and the reintroduction of Elk leather - the same material used by turn of century Native American tribes.

Nakamura is just as meticulous when it comes to his apparel, the Duke Foliage Shirt features an arabesque pattern hand-sketched by Nakamura himself. In Japan, the pattern is considered a sign of prosperity and good fortune. Another stand out is the Free Edge Fishy Shirt, created through the centuries-old ‘Shigokizome’ process to dye the whole cloth. Soft paste mixed with dye is applied to the fabric using a spatula called the ‘shigokibera.’ Only the surface of the fabric is dyed, while the reverse side remains white.

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