mix series
Josh Caffe

This week we pay homage to late 80s / early 90s house and techno with a mix from vocalist and DJ, Josh Caffe. VISIONSMIX combines tracks from musicians and producers that have inspired Caffe, alongside people he collaborated with on his debut EP, Black Magik Dawn. Caffe combines the smooth production style and soulful vocals of Larry Heard (Dna-Rna) with more abstract sounds from the likes of Green Velvet (Stormy Weather) and Parris Mitchell (Masturbation), notorious for pushing the boundaries with his exotic lyrics and sexualised track titles.

Alongside his standout vocals, Caffe has gained acclaim for his DJ sets at both cosy basement parties and raucous festivals—performing to huge crowds at Glastonbury, Field Maneuvers and Farr Festival. Part 2 of his Black Magik Dawn EP series is set to follow a more clubbier sound that continues to embody this new form, focusing on rebellion and veracity, and featuring production from Posthuman, Hannah Holland, The Subs, Capracara and Marc Hayward.

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