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dj boring ‘ODETOTHE

This week's mix - ODETOTHEUNDERGROUND - comes courtesy of Antipodean house producer DJ boring, aka Tristan Hallis.

Tristan is perhaps best known for Goodbye Michael, a lo-fi tribute to George Michael and Winona, a deep, thumping ode to the iconic '90s actress that features a vocal sample from the woman herself. You can't have failed to have heard the latter this summer - the track has racked up over two million views on YouTube since its release just under a year ago.

Though he's now based in London, Tristan hasn't forgotten his Australian roots - "ODETOTHEUNDERGROUND was curated to shed light on the emerging underground scene back home, whilst paying tribute to some of the producers that inspire me and my music he says of the mix.

Check Tristan's mix out above and head to Mixcloud for the full tracklisting.