Acne's Pansy Beanie: an emoji speaks a thousand words

Gone are the days when the beanie was nothing more than a practical commodity, added to or removed from the head as and when temperature required. Now, the style has become a genuine statement, allowing you to pledge allegiance to your brand or cause of choice by way of a subtle logo detail or embroidered signature.

There’s one brand that forgoes words however; Acne Studios. Always one step ahead of the pack, the Scandinavian powerhouse instead opts to emblazon their oversized Pansy beanie with their signature Face emblem. Constructed from soft wool with a chunky, ribbed texture throughout, Acne’s beanie is long enough to pull right down over your ears on particularly cold days – that is, if you are in fact wearing it for practicality as opposed to style.

Model above wears Pansy Face Beanie Hat in pink. Shop the collection here.